I haven’t forgotten about this blog – but I’ve been so busy living life that I didn’t have time to write about it.

I ran the Wineglass Marathon on Oct.3 and it was a dream experience. The race was everything that I wanted and needed it to be, and when I crossed the finish line I cried tears of joy for the first time in a while. I wish I could bottle the feeling!

DBF took this picture of me finishing the race:

The rest of October and November and most of December were tough for me. My mental health was crap and it affected every aspect of my life, but I got through it and things feel brighter now.

And then there’s the whole reason I started blogging.

The Disney marathon.

I don’t know what to say about it – it wasn’t the race I expected it to be when I signed up because it wasn’t my debut, so I didn’t go into it with the idea that it might not hurt =P. It did hurt, just like Wineglass, but it was worth it. I ran Disney somewhat undertrained and a full 20 minutes slower than Wineglass, but I loved every moment of it and had a couple breakthroughs on the course (I blame the Disney magic). I already want to sign up for Goofy!

Looking forward, I have two races coming up: The Disney Princess Half Marathon on February 27, and the Unite Half Marathon on April 17. I’m planning on adding a March half in between but I haven’t figured out what.

When I began blogging, I had a secret goal – to change my life in a year and make myself a marathoner, and I did it.

But the experience changed me in ways I never thought it would.

I learned to push through the pain without actually hurting myself

I learned to honor my body for what it does, not what it looks like.

I learned that there are more important things in life than running.

Running a marathon didn’t cure me of my running obsession  – in fact it probably made it worse – but in the week that I took off after Disney (my first full week off exercise in 4 years) let me see that I have got to balance my life out better. So that’s my this year goal. I’m going to run at least one marathon this year and Goofy 2012, but I’m going to do it in the most balanced manner I can.

To be continued…and not in 6 months!