That’s right – it’s June 11 and since I haven’t run yet today, that gives me 10 runs for the month of June a.k.a. one third of the way to my June streak goal. Woo hoo!

June 1-June 6: 19 miles. I also ran 3 miles on Monday, May 31 so my weekly total was technically 22 miles.

June 7 – June 13: probably 25 miles. I’m at 14.75 and plan to run 7-8 today, and 2-3 on both Saturday and Sunday.

I haven’t been doing a lot of exercise other than running, LOTS of stretching and some occasional weights  – and surprise surprise, running is getting easier and I’m getting my spring back! I ran 9:30 min/miles on the treadmill last night and it felt slooow and easy. Today’s run will definitely be more of a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it.

For your viewing pleasure, a picture of one of my favorite running roads in the area:


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This road begins at 1.5 miles into a run – after about a quarter mile of steep uphill on a busy street. It’s got wide pedestrian/bike lanes on both sides, lots of trees for shade, and some gorgeous houses to look at. It’s also very long – my normal ten mile run sends me out and back on this road, plus the milage to get to/from it. Oh, and it ends in a park on one end- good for another few miles of running, and there’s a rose garden and a puppy playground! Nothing says happy after 10 miles like watching some adorable pups play.