Monthly milage total in May: 63

Monthly milage total in April: 60

…not exactly the 100 miles I was hoping for, but a little improvement. At least I was consistent.

One of my running ladies was tossing the idea around of a running streak, so I figured I’d give one a try. I’ll take it week by week – I’d like to accumulate at least 20 days straight, with my ultimate goal being at least a mile a day for the entire month of June. Maybe I could even hit my 100 miles!

Another of my running ladies posted a 30 day challenge that seems pretty worthwhile. I’m already doing some of the things that it suggests as challenges (take vitamins and sleep 7-9 hours per night, for example) so I’ve put a strikethrough on the ones that I already do.

1. Detox your diet. Eliminate all processed foods, sugar, caffeine, alcohol, and nicotine (I know this may be no simple task for some of you, so go slowly, plan ahead, and be compassionate with yourself). If you can manage, go vegan, mostly raw for two weeks. If you can, do a 5 day green juice fast. If not, stick to steamed veggies and salads for 2 weeks.

I have to take this one moderately – I don’t smoke cigarettes or drink much alcohol or coffee/caffeinated beverages, but going vegan/raw/fasting is too much to ask from my body and would not be a kind thing to do. Lean protein, less sugar/Splenda and more cooking/less eating out are my modified goals.

2. Take your vitamins, superfoods, & supplements every day.

Done – I need to group my medications next to my vitamins so I get both in one shot (yes, I’ve made sure that the two don’t interact).

3. Make a practice of daily writing. Just for yourself. Keep a Joy Journal. Or do morning pages, as suggested by Julia Cameron, author of the The Artist’s Way. Send your inner critic to time out and just WRITE.

I want to blog more often, and I plan to keep up writing in my journal.

4. Sleep 7-9 hours/night. No buts. Just do it.

I LOVE sleep.

5. Detox your friendships. If someone isn’t good for you, take a 30 day break from them. This is YOUR 30 days to nurture you. All toxic relationships are off limits.

Strongly suggest this one. I cleaned out some toxic friendships a while back – it’s not easy but it’s much healthier.

6. Move your body no less than 5 days/week, ideally, every day. Walk. Do yoga. Go to the gym. Whatever. Honor your body by letting it move.

Taken care of thanks to the June running streak and my normal propensity to not sit still.

7. Meditate.  If you can’t handle the silence, buy guided meditations on CD or Itunes.  You don’t have to spend an hour. But take 10 minutes to close your eyes and get quiet. No excuses.

I meditate before bed, but I could and should do it a little more often. Besides, using meditation techniques to trick myself asleep probably isn’t what is intended.

8. If you have a bath tub, take baths instead of showers. Use your yummiest bath gels, salts, and scrubs. Read an inspiring book while bathing. Finish it off by consciously loving each body part while rubbing on body lotion, coconut oil, or olive oil.

This will be a hard one for me- I tend to rush through a shower after working out and can’t tell you the last time I took a bath. I don’t even remember if  I like baths!

9. Hydrate. Hydrate. Hydrate. Drink herbal tea, water, green juice. Get those cells hydrated. If you’re peeing often and it’s clear, you’re doing it right.

If I were any more hydrated, I’d float away.

10. Have orgasms no less than 5 times/week. If you don’t have a partner, pull out that pink Rabbit vibrator!

11. Practice forgiveness every day. Forgive yourself. Forgive that person you’ve been holding a grudge against. Be extra specially kind to yourself and others for 30 whole days in a row. Banish toxic thoughts altogether, if you can.

Kindness is one thing, but forgiveness is quite another – reaction formation is as damaging as not dealing with the problem at all. Definitely something to think about.

12. Skip the news and read inspirational books instead.

I’m re-reading A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson for the hundredth time. I can’t suggest this book enough. Fun fact: I have a phrase from this book tattooed on my right hip.

13. Pray. Reach out the Universe. Make your desires know. Set intentions. Give thanks. Feel the divine energy that runs within you.


14. Choose a mantra for your 30 day program and make this your affirmation. Write it by the toilet, post it on your computer, repeat it during your meditations.

To be honest, I hate affirmations. They remind me way too much of the notecards that my therapist used to give me as encouragements to beat eating disordered behaviors. However, since I had the strongest negative reaction to this one it’s probably the one I need to focus the most on.