It’s been about a month since I’ve written (for shame!) but I have a good post in me – promise.

1) Lucky for me, my hip and knee are feeling better. It’s taken a lot of rest and some less than fun XT and strength work, but they’re both coming along and should be fine for the half marathon.

2) Lucky for me, I thought to bring some Luna Moons with me in my fuel belt along with water. I got very lightheaded going into mile 2 and ended up sucking on them for the rest of the run for energy.

3) Lucky for me, a nice guy who saw me swearing at the out of order water fountain told me where a working one was nearby. He saved my thirsty self, and saved the water fountain from my abuse.

4) Lucky for me, Easter is going to be a pretty casual affair. I’ve got a fab sunburn from forgetting to put on sunscreen before my run (d’oh!) and I don’t think it’ll like makeup. For what it’s worth, I do usually use sunscreen – Olay’s basic on my face. I’m up for new body sunscreen suggestions – help please?

5) Lucky for me, tomorrow is Easter – my self imposed sugar ban is over!

But not really.

Taking myself off of sugar/processed stuff has opened my eyes to what my body needs and how I can do better for it. I’ve been struggling with my weight and body image for a long time, and when I eat ‘clean’, I feel better and I also think I look better. Sure, there are days when I don’t eat as cleanly as I could – tonight for example, I had penne in a light pesto cream sauce with chicken, portabello mushrooms, artichokes and sundried tomatoes. It was delicious and fabulous after a long run and a long day of cleaning – and I had some M&Ms earlier in the day, too (they were equally fabulous).

But I don’t NEED dessert anymore. A cup of tea after dinner is enough, or a banana/apple. I had been using frozen yogurt as a calorie crutch in the dining hall to skip the less appetizing options instead of either eating my own food or scavenging for something edible…but not anymore. All the sugar isn’t good for me, and now I understand how it was affecting my moods. Not cute.

My half marathon is April 18th, and I’m honestly excited to be done with this phase of training as well as to be almost done with school. I’m giving myself 2 weeks to do whatever I’d like in the gym/outside, and then I’m going to begin base building for my marathon (ooh scary!).

In a later post, I’ll wrap up and see if I lived up to all my Lenten goals, but for now I’d like to set some new goals for  April and May

1) Complete the half marathon on April 18
2) Deal with whatever is going on with my hip, if anything – this means stretching, faithfully yogaing, doing abs every other day and going to the chiropractor if need be.
3) Keep my eating clean, and above all, sane.
4) Vanity goal – make my pants looser and my belly flatter. It may not involve losing actual pounds, but I do want to tone up and slim down a bit.
5) Make a workout plan and follow it. Something to the tune of 4 days of running, 3 days of XT or walking, 3 strength sessions per week.
6) Cook at home more
7)Kick ass in my final month of school, and at my first month at my new (secretish) job.