I was a bad bloggie and did not blog my last long run – but no worries, it was nothing spectacular. I was fighting off some knee pain and some other issues, and so I did 8.25 and called it good for the weekend.

Monday afternoon, instead of a run or a workout I sat in a chair for an hour and a half and came out with THIS:

I’ve always had the ankle – the tattoo is a new addition.

It’s my fourth, and has some very important personal meaning (which I may or may not talk about in the future). But for now, it’s enough that I’m pleased as punch with it!

My running, however, has not been pleased as punch with it.

The ankle is a pretty sensitive area and mine has expressed it’s displeasure by burning like a SOB every so often. That was ok – I figured I could skip the week of training runs, XT hard to keep fitness and then come back with a good strong short run on Saturday and a 10 mile long run on Sunday.

My body, however, was of the “oh no she didn’t” mindset. I set out for 3-5 miles today, and got through just ONE before I was in huge pain. Quad, gluteus, hamstring – nothing in my right thigh was pleased with me. I also kicked myself in the tattoo with my left heel *doh*.

All together now … “Dangit!

I’ve been stressed – in fact, I’ve been really stressed. Stressed to the point that I can barely eat sometimes and I know that stress also manifests itself in my hips – my back tightens and locks up and my right hip rises out of alignment and then I’m screwed. Going to yoga and Pilates will help my back – but I have to fix my stress, which I usually do by running, which I can’t do because I hurt because I’m stressed. Actually, running won’t fix my stress – but I can’t go into why I’m stressed right now and I certainly can’t fix THAT stress.

Rawr and rawr again, peoples.

I’m going to stretch, roll, and then go to bed and PRAY that I can run tomorrow.