On Saturday, I ran 9 miles – same route as last Saturday right down to each mile marker. It was a little slower, but I ran the first mile like a woman possessed (had some extra steam to blow off) so I had a feeling I was going to wear out my legs after a while. They protested around mile 7, but got over it by mile 8.

By the numbers:
Miles run – 9.03
Overall time- 1:33:17
Overall pace – 10:21
Run/walk ratio- 9 min/45 seconds
Phone calls taken- 2 (thank God for speaker phone)

And my one Lenten stat-
Sweetness indulged in today (mini-Easter)- 2 – a frozen mocha and some Reese’s Pieces. Dark chocolate is the one thing I haven’t given up in the sweets category because the idea of getting rid of ALL sweets is just a little too restrictive for what’s healthy for me, mentally. But I am being more aware of what I’m eating and when – so I’d call this Lent thing an overall win.

I haven’t found a home church yet, but that’s going to be in the cards. There’s a contemporary church (my favorite kind!) in a nearby town with services at 7 p.m. on Saturday as well as 9 & 11:15 a.m. on Sundays – I think I’m going to try out the Saturday service next week.

I’ve been watching this video all weekend – I love the song and the dancers are amazing, so give it a peek!

Anyway, it’s bed for this girl – g’nite bloggers and blogettes!