I was given a gift yesterday – a run that should have sucked turned out to be amazing!

I didn’t eat enough beforehand, it was balls to the wall cold out  – 18 with a ‘feels like’ temp of 6 – and I had only run 7.75 miles the entire week (although I did do some kick-ass ellipticalling the other two days).

So, I was being conservative and hoping for a decent 7 miles – and instead had an AMAZING 8.2. I played with my walk breaks and used an 9 min run/ 45 seconds walk ratio – that seems to be close to what I need. Near the end, I was debating pushing to 10 miles, but even I don’t want to tempt the gods of injury that much.

Since I don’t know how to upload the charts from my Garmin onto here, here’s a little recap -tech-fail style.

Mile 1: 9:31 – didn’t hear the Garmin chirp the walk break, so this was an all run mile.

Mile 2: 10:15 – uphills kill me. I don’t think I took a walk break during this mile either, until the end.

Mile 3: 10:20 – ok, I definitely took a walk break here. This wouldn’t be a bad overall pace for the marathon…

Mile 4: 9:59 – used a red light as a walk break. People in cars gave me funny looks – I gave funny looks back.

Mile 5: 10:26- Hit the turnaround point, cold wind came at my face instead of my back. My ass is definitely more cold resistant than my nose – BRRR!

Mile 6: 10:52 – Two sucky uphills, no downhills. The perils of an out and back – but I was still feeling good.

Mile 7: 11:02 – big downhill in the dark – took it slow and easy and it HURT. My quads are good for many things, but brakes aren’t one of them. I distinctly remember going “ow ow ow” while running.

Mile 8: 10:19 – thought of my many wonderful running girls, and threw a big last mile party!

8-8.22: 2:17 – jogging it in, dreaming of a very hot shower!

I feel good today – a little sore, but it’s a good workout kind of sore, not a “hey crazy woman, WTF?!” kind of sore.

Time for breakfast (yes it’s 1 p.m., I’m a lazy college student) and then some good XT at the gym. Monday I do it all over again – I hit 15.55 miles this week after 17.xx last week, so I’ll shoot for and hopefully hit 20 or 21 with another 8-9 mile LR this week!

On a personal note – if you read and are of the praying or good vibing type, please send your prayers/good vibes to my grandma. She just had surgery – she’s 89 and tough as nails but we still worry…and my mom is playing nurse, so pray for her too. Grandma is a tough cookie!