Today  was my second long run for the half – 6 miles, with a 45 second walk break after every mile as the fine Mr. Galloway suggested.  Maybe I was underfed or thirsty or something, but this run wasn’t as easy as I had expected it to be. But I finished it and I feel good now.

So my week looks like this:

Monday – 3 miles
Wednesday-4 miles
Thursday – 4 miles
and now…
Saturday – 6.2 miles
which gives me 17.2 miles. I’m debating doing another 2.8 tomorrow on the TM to get me to 20, but I don’t want to increase milage too much after my cutback and mess my legs up!

And for fun, here is one of the parks that I run through – I started distance running here, and it still has a special spot in my heart.

Image credit to : TheNJRealEstateGuys

Now to my rant.

Dear parents who do not take care of your children – I HATE YOU!

Our across the street neighbor will never be mom of the year – she has three boys, twins around 10 and a younger one around 7, and she lets them wander the neighborhood at times when no child should be out, let alone by themselves. When I was setting out for my run this afternoon, I noticed the boys playing near the end of our street on their scooters – and was still in earshot when I heard a crash, thud and “Owwwwwieee” followed by the kind of cry that I’ve come to learn is the signature noise of a child that’s been hurt. I turned off my Garmin, and beat feet back to where the boys were – and saw one of them laying on the ground crying with blood coming from his head. I checked him out for visible bones showing or anything requiring 911 and then waited for his brother to get back (from getting their mom, I assumed).

His brother did come back- but without the mom. Instead, he told his brother to get up and go back to the house because mom didn’t want to come out.

I had to pick my jaw up off the ground before I went about helping the non-injured twin get the injured one to his feet – and then try to CARRY him because injured twin probably had a sprained ankle (he was limping like he did).

It took every piece of restraint I have to not go over there and read that woman the riot act, and I am also now all the more convinced that parenting should be like driving a car – you have to take lessons and a test and have a license to do it.