362 days. That’s 11 months and 28 days.

Or approximately 8688 hours.

521,280 minutes (somewhat like the song from Rent).

…until I run my very first marathon.

I’ve been running pretty casually for about 6 years now. I ran on the cross country and track teams in high school, completed a marathon relay and a few half marathons, and done my share of local 5 and 10ks. A marathon never appealed to me for longer than a few days.

Until now, that is.

The boyfriend, who I’ll call The Boy, and I were visiting family of his that live just outside of Orlando, FL on Sunday. All day long, all I could think of were the friends that I had running the Disney Marathon. The next day we went shopping at an outlet mall near Disney World and all I could see were marathoners, with their slight hobble and proud smiles. That was IT. I had procrastinated and thoughts about it long enough – when we got back to my grandmom’s house (where we stay when we’re in FL) I got out my debit card and signed myself up for the 2011 Disney marathon. I had debated trying to get into the NY Marathon, or to run the NJ marathon near where The Boy and I both live… but Disney was enough of a draw that I knew I just couldn’t say no.

So here I go!

I’ve got a few big half marathons that lead up to Disney – I know I’ll need the pressure to get and keep a marathon-worthy base early, and the halves will do it. They are:

The Unite Half Marathon on April 18th.

The Long Branch Half Marathon on May 2nd (this one is tenative, as I have exams around the same time).

The Newport Half Marathon on September 26th.

The Philadelphia Half Marathon on November 21st (also tenative depending on school).